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Usage, Benefits and Advice on Green Tea, Blended Tea, Black Tea, CTC Milk Chai and Caffeine-free Tisane. Information shared by BlessedTea® India is what you can rely on 👍😊🍵

Green Tea for Gentlemen

Green Tea for Gentlemen, a balanced mix of Superfine Green Tea with Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Gokhru, Hibiscus Flower, Shatavari, and Shankhpushpi Herb. These herbs play an active role in building Stamina, Strength, Rejuvenating, and boosting body metabolism, thereby promoting overall health. It’s a sure diet for today’s age, gentlemen! A cup of this herbal green tea helps to cleanse your system and boost your immunity. Green tea helps to prevent obesity and obesity-related complications like high blood pressure etc.

Chamomile Flower Buds Tea

BlessedTea® India Chamomile Tea is one of the finest loose flower/bud tea. Dried Chamomile Flowers and Buds are blended together to create this floral tea that has a calming effect and is sure to relax your mind, body and soul. Chamomile had been used in many cultures as a medicinal herb for thousands of years. You will be surprised knowing the 15 Mind-blowing Benefits Of Chamomile Tea. Read the full article. Chamomile is one of the most popular medicinal herbal teas in the world. It’s calming, soothing, and relaxing to drink, perfect for before bed or after a stressful day. Try our premium loose dried chamomile flowers and buds at home today!

Feminine Immunity Tisane (Tea)

Feminine Immunity Tisane is a unique and powerful caffeine-free tea which may help a female with PCOS PCOD & related hormone-based disorders. The herbs contained in this tea are Chamomile Flower, Nettle Herb, Moringa Leaf, Amla Fruit, Shatavari and Shankhpushpi Herb. A Unique & Powerful caffeine-free herbal tisane that may help a female with (PCOD / PCOS) POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN DISORDER | POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME and related hormonal disorders.

Benefits of Black Tea and CTC Masala Chai Patti

CTC Tea (Chai) with Herbs & Spices is a blend of Assam CTC Tea Leaf, Assam Black Orthodox Tea, and Twenty Herbs and Spices that produce a unique taste to traditional Milk Tea and also reduce the issue of gas and acidity. The powerful health benefits of black tea are due to the presence of flavonoids. The flavonoids in black tea help to promote healthy brain and heart function. Black tea contains antioxidants that help to reduce free radicals. CTC Tea (Chai) with Herbs & Spices is a blend of Assam CTC Tea Leaf, Assam Black Orthodox Tea and Twenty Herbs and Spices that produce a unique taste to traditional Milk Tea also reduce the issue of gas and acidity. This Milk Chai Patti also consists of Cinnamon making it one of the best health tea. Learn more about 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

BlessedTea® India

“BlessedTea® India is an exciting new Tea Masterpiece blending the finest highland teas with spices and herbs. A full-bodied tea, with earthy tones and floral aroma. The authentic taste of India. Aroma, texture and full of flavors. Sip it slow, enjoy the moment with your loved ones”

BlessedTea® India offers the finest Chai that you’ve never tasted. The loose-leaf herbal tea blends are specially developed to complement real tea lovers. We use only 100% pure and natural whole herbs, flowers, leaves, spices and fruits to ensure a quality product.

Blessed Tea® India Pure Natural Green Tea, Blended Tea, Caffeine-free Tisane & Milk Chai Patti.

Enjoy a cup of the finest tasting chai tea in India. Made from only the most authentic and traditional tea leaves, these teas are sure to bring good health and happiness to your household!

BlessedTea® India – All Your Favorite Tea Types In One Place!

BlessedTea® India – Pure Natural Green Tea Blended Tea Caffeine-free Tisane & Milk Chai Patti. Order your tea online these are the most popular teas you can order online:


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