7 Loving Benefits Of Cardamom Tea

Many of us have a soft spot in our hearts for tea. Isn’t that so?

Some want it sweetened, while others prefer it unsweetened. Some of us like to use basil (tulsi) leaves, while others like lemon and ginger. However, there is one tea preparation that everyone enjoys, whether they are seasonal tea drinkers or tea junkies. And that, my friends, is cardamom tea.

What makes it so special and useful? That is the topic of this article. We’ve also got something special planned for you. Let’s get started!

What Is Cardamom Tea and How Do I Make It?

Cardamom tea is a flavorful drink that’s made from cardamom pods, which are tiny green seeds. It’s usually brewed with spices such as cinnamon and cloves, as well as milk or honey. Cardamom tea has a spicy, slightly sweet taste that may remind you of ginger or cinnamon.

Crushed cardamom seeds are boiled in water, sometimes with tea leaves, to make cardamom tea. This infusion has a significant therapeutic potential since the seeds release their bioactive components into the water.

Cardamom Tea Health Benefits 1
Cardamom Tea Health Benefits 1

What Is Cardamom Tea Made Of?

The tea contains important phenolic acids and sterols, both of which are powerful antioxidants.

In addition to the main ingredient, cardamom pods, you can add other ingredients to make your tea more flavorful.

Try adding:

honey or sugar to sweeten the tea

cinnamon sticks for an extra kick of spice

a pinch of saffron for a floral flavor (if using, steep the saffron in boiling water first)

Is There A Digestive Aid?

It’s a good practice to drink a small cup of herbal tea after each meal. Cardamom tea aids in the proper digestion and absorption of the food consumed. It stimulates stomach acid production, which reduces indigestion and flatulence after a big meal.

Cardamom tea might help you feel better quickly if you’re feeling nauseated. It’s also excellent in treating constipation and the severe stomach cramps that come with it.

Cardamom Tea Health Benefits 2
Cardamom Tea Health Benefits 2

Improves blood circulation and heart health

Cardamom Tea is an effective anti-inflammatory so it helps in preventing various chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. It also can help you reduce stress and anxiety.

Cardamom Tea Improves blood circulation and heart health as well as relieves colds, coughs and flu symptoms.

Blood flows easily through the vessels as a consequence, putting less strain on the heart and vessel walls. This aids in the maintenance of heart health and the prevention of cardiovascular illnesses (4).

Cardamom work against Flu

Cardamom tea has antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory activities due to its high quantities of sterols, polyalcohols, and vitamins A and C.

By boosting your immunity, cardamom tea helps relieve a sore throat and dry cough, as well as remove excess phlegm caused by microbiological illnesses (e.g., flu) or hypersensitivity (e.g., pollen allergy).

Cardamom Tea Health Benefits 3
Cardamom Tea Health Benefits 3
Remedy For Bad Breath And Dental Problems

Cardamom seeds, whether in tea or straight, may aid in the prevention of foul breath (halitosis). Bad breath may be caused by a variety of factors, including poor dental hygiene, chewing or smoking tobacco, conditions that cause dry mouth, crash diets, and so on.

Food caught between your teeth and gums is usually broken down by bacteria to form sulfur compounds, which give your breath a bad odor. However, halitosis may also be caused by fungal or bacterial infections in your gums and dental pockets.

Help Detox Body

Tea leaves and cardamom seeds, when combined, wash out all of the toxins flowing in your system. By releasing free radicals, harmful intermediates, and heavy metal ions into the urine, these components eradicate them from your blood.

This tea lowers bloating and water retention in your tissues and joints, inhibits cholesterol build-up in the body, and finally contributes to weight reduction due to its moderate diuretic and lipolytic effect.

Benefits with Skin Care

Cardamom tea has many benefits for skincare such as helping slow down ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it appears to have antiseptic properties that can protect you from harmful bacteria on your skin which can lead to acne.

Cardamom tea contains anti-inflammatory and growth-promoting effects as well. As a result, it is effective in treating rashes, wounds, bites, scars, and bruises.

Cardamom Tea Health Benefits 4
Cardamom Tea Health Benefits 4
Effective in Anti-Inflammatory

Many illnesses, from the excruciatingly painful and chronic arthritis to the annoying and acute common cold, are caused or exacerbated by inflammation.

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