Product with Free Sample – Buy 11cm Long Sheesham Wood Spoon and Get Free Green Tea Gentlemen Sample Pack

Try it before you buy it. Get 100% FREE samples of BlessedTea® products sent directly to your door.

Due to the large volume of requests received for free samples, which could not be fulfilled, so we have switched our program to better support our true consumers. If you are a serious customer looking to try BlessedTea® Products as free sample – we can serve you only if you are willing to buy any of the product listed below and pay for the courier and packaging fees. We have listed accompanying product with free sample packs below. Please click the product below and place your order. You will receive free samples of product which are shown with that:

Limit 1 per household. BlessedTea® samples will ship to you as soon as possible. We currently send BlessedTea® samples in India only, where our courier partners can deliver them. Samples are just to give taste to the product and not to gain the actual benefits. Forms with incorrect, incomplete, or misleading details and information will be ignored without any reply or sample. Valid email, phone, and address are required. Please like, follow, and subscribe to our social media profiles to keep encoring us to offer samples. Thanks!


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