What’s new with Masala Chai Patti (Milk Tea)?

The chai tea is the most popular beverage in India. Spices are blended with a perfect combination of teas. These are organic and 100% pure, and the type of leaves used to prepare the tea has been picked from some leading tea estates in India.

Masala Chai Patti is made from the finest tea leaves produced in the Upper Hilly Assam region and blended by experts to produce perfect taste, aroma, and colour. It is enriched with twenty herbs and spices that add a unique lingering taste and herbal benefits, making it a perfect cup of traditional tea.

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This Masala Chai Patti is prepared for those who like their tea strong, with a dash of milk and sugar. The tea patti is of strong consistency with high flavour. You can drink this masala chai at any time of the day, but it is specially designed for the evening or afternoon time when you need some energy boost. This Masala Chai Patti is also perfect for your guests during home parties and get-togethers.

Masala Chai Patti also contains natural antioxidants that help to reduce stress, cholesterol, blood sugar level and risk of heart diseases. When you need the perfect blend for a morning pick-me-up, lunchtime tea break, or an evening of relaxation with friends, there’s nothing quite like our Organic Masala Chai.

The spices used in Masala Chai Patti are all-natural and are grown, harvested, and blended in a way to retain their nutritional qualities. The cardamom and cinnamon used in the chai give it a rich aroma and invigorating taste. The tea is 100% pure and is a blend of robust and assamica varieties of tea leaves. It is plucked from the best quality tea estates in Assam, India.

The Teas were selected after careful consideration and tasting of many different teas, the chosen teas have been blended together to create a unique flavour profile, which is unlike any other commercially available teas.

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The spices herbs and other ingredients used in Masala Chai are sourced from all around the world, so you can enjoy a mild or an intense chai depending on your preference. We use black orthodox tea leaves and different herbs and spices to create diverse flavor profiles, so you can get the same original taste of masala chai patti in our milk tea even if you buy it now or later in the future.

The Assam tea blenders follow a strict infusion procedure to maintain high standards of quality. All the spices used in Masala Chai are natural, and selected for their specific health benefits. The ingredients we use are all-natural and are sustainably sourced, we do not use any artificially flavored or concocted ingredients. Our blends maintain the integrity of the teas and spices.

Brewing Directions of Masala Chai Patti:

  1. Take 2-3 tea spoons of Masala Chai Patti in a saucepan.
  2. Add water and boil it to make a cup of tea.
  3. Strain through a strainer/filter and pour into cup.
  4. Serve hot with sugar/honey and milk.

So, combine 2-3 spoonfuls of Masala Chai Patti powder with one cup of boiling water. Mix well and let it steep for 5 minutes. Strain and serve hot with sugar or honey and milk.

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Perfect Pairing of Goodness Blend of twenty herbs and spices, to bring the best out of CTC black tea. Best taste, health benefits, and quick solubility all in one cup of tea.

Premium quality, this tea is made from organically produced CTC (Crushing Tearing Curling) and Orthodox Tea leaves along with Herbs and Spices containing zero artificial colours and flavour. When brewed, the tea has a deep red colour and is noted for its strong spiced herbal flavour and bright colour. Packaged in a foil pouch with degassing valve, to retain its freshness.

As a result of the CTC manufacturing process, this tea emits a more intense and robust flavour. Amber in color results from the addition of milk. The tea is more effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels when consumed without sugar. It is also known to have the ability to protect the heart and lower stroke risk.

To learn more benefits of Masala Chai Patti, please click here.


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